Get to know AKIRA


Number of microchip: 941000016719319
Akira is a mixed breed female Belgian Shepherd Groenendael (her mother was a purebred Belgian Shepherd Groenendael, and her father was a mixed breed Greek Shepherd mixed breed). She weighs 22 kg, is 10 month old, not spayed yet, fully vaccinated. Just like that of the the rest of the family, her tail is short. 

Akira is Arangon’s sister.  When he was about two months he was abandoned with her 2 sisters and 2 brothers. We tracked down the man responsible for this who, apologized, accepted to sterilize his female dog (the mother) and to cover all expenses for the puppies until all of them are adopted. 

Akira wants to be close to people and she listens quite attentively when you call her. She is a happy and quiet puppy: she remains quite nonplussed when driven around in a car. Right now she rooms with her brother Arangon, as all the other puppies have been adopted. Unfortunately, due to a lack of foster homes for dogs in Amorgos, the space they have at their disposal is very small and our assistant can only spend with them half hour a day. 

She gets along very well with other dogs, male or female, small or big, children and even cats, but best of all she loves humans and will make a great companion.