Get to know Fluffy

Name: Fluffy
Color: Grey and White
Breed: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: About 2 years

Special Considerations: Blind

Number of microchip: 941000016719323

Fluffy was found on 28 of August 2015 in a garbage bin, in Aegiali. She was one and half monthold. A compassionate young man brought her to us. Unfortunately she had already lost both eyes. One required surgical intervention. She is now 11 months old, spayed, and fully vaccinated. It would be difficult to find a gentler, more grateful and affectionate cat. She goes around, plays, and runs like any normal cat. She is very energetic and, against all odds, enjoys her life.  If someone did not tell you that she was blind you would not notice. The only thing is that she needs a home: she could not survive as a street cat.