Your donation will go directly toward maintaining our program of veterinary care and daily nutritional support to animals in many areas of the island in dire need. 


Provides two weeks of food for a starving dog or cat


Pays for veterinary treatment for a sick animal



Ensures the sterilization and care of a cat, reducing overpopulation and helping to sustain the delicate island environment.



Provides food for five saved donkeys & mules for one month

Virtual Adoptions

From food to healthcare, your ongoing support of AZI can help us cover expenses of animal care, day in and day out.


Support a Dog or Cat

$50 / month for food

$60 / month for food & vaccinations


SUPPORT a Mule, Donkey or Horse

$80 / month for food

$100/ month for food & vaccinations


SUPPORT a Cat Colony

There are 6 cat colonies and 1 duck colony in our area.

$100/ month for food

$130 / month for food & vaccinations


We only accept electronic donations by PayPal at this time. Wider availability coming soon. 


Donate by Mail

We are grateful for your contributions in any amount. Mail checks to the following address: 

Animal Zone International
P.O. Box 1039
Cooper Station
New York, NY 10003


All donations are tax deductible in the United States.