Sparrow Rescue

Rescue of the Day

The schoolchildren of the Primary School of Katapola found a small sparrow that could not yet fly and realized it needed some help. They went to their teachers and let them know. 

We were called in to attend to the bird. While there we took the opportunity to say a few words to the students about how one cares for such a small bird. 

We returned to our Center with the bird to look after it, promising the students that we will keep them informed of the health of the little sparrow, with hopes that it would eventually be released. 

A GREAT BRAVO to the teachers and one BIGGEST BRAVO to the students. Today's lesson came to all of us from them.


Arangon and Bobbie are adopted!

At the end of March, our 2 handsome, big boys Bobbie and Arangon embarked on a long journey— and beginning the next chapter in their lives. 

These two dogs were found abandoned when they were only 2 months old and sadly they spent the next 2 and a half years waiting for their forever home.

Just as we were despairing that that we would never find a home for them we received notice from the Dutch organization with which we cooperate regarding interest in these dogs. And we were so thrilled when the interest eventually led to adoption. 

On 23 of March Bobbie and Arangon traveled from Amorgos, where their lives had no future, to Holland, to start a life as a member of a family, inside a home.

We've heard nothing but good news about their new lives, and we wish a wonderful, happy life to the adopters and our lovely boys Arangon and Bobbie!

Additionally we are very grateful for the work of the Dutch organization Mirtos Animal Project A big thanks goes to them, as they find amazing homes for our sweet animals. 


Seeking help with the garden

Do you have a green thumb? We need gardening help at our Center on Amorgos!

The garden is threatening to turn into a jungle. We welcome anyone who likes gardening and is willing to volunteer their time to help us at our Center in Pera Rachidi.

The work that is needed includes clearing vegetation, cleaning of area and painting. Any help you can offer is welcome!

gardening collage.jpg




Robert Simon, a renowned specialist of old Master paintings and board member of AZI, was a key player in the rediscovery and verification of the ‘last da Vinci,’ the painting now known as Salvator Mundi.

Christie's has called this painting “without question the greatest artistic rediscovery of the 21st century,” and, at auction last November, this masterpiece sold for an historic record of over $450 million.

On the evening of April 12th, Dr. Simon will recount his part in the fascinating story behind the rediscovery of Salvator Mundi, the last Leonardo held in private hands.

Join us at Sky Terrace, on the 54th floor of The Galleria, for an exciting evening of stories and magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline. Wine and Italian specialties by La Villetta will be served.

This event is a benefit for Animal Zone International, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to saving animals, improving the environment, and shaping tomorrow's future for island communities, beginning with the Greek island of Amorgos.

Thursday, April 12 at 8pm
Sky Terrace at The Galleria
117 East 57th Street, 54th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Buy your tickets here:

It’s kind of scary—I wrapped it in a bin liner and jumped in a taxi with it.
— Robert Simon, 2005

Ready for Release

Makis is Ready for Release

One of the kittens from Arkesini, who came to us during our sterilization program, was in such bad shape that we kept him at our center in hopes of helping him regain his health.

After two weeks of medication and proper nutrition, Makis has gained weight, was neutered and is now ready to go back to his home neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the situation in the area of Arkesini, as well as the entire region of Kato Meria, is not good. The stray cats there are starving and we have heard of many poisonings.

We wish to bring stability to this area but we can't do it without your help. Please donate and join our efforts to create a better life for the stray cats and kittens of Amorgos.


No amount is too small. Please give today!

makis pic.jpg

Dr. Manolis Vorisis

Animal Zone International and the people of Amorgos and all the islands of the Cyclades are grateful for the magnificent work of Dr. Manolis Vorisis.

Dr. Vorisis has made cats of the Cyclades famous around the world, and his standards for veterinarian surgery and animal care are incomparable. Long ago, Dr. Vorisis went out into the streets of these islands and, witnessing the desperate needs of a multitude of stray animals, decided to devote his life to creating safe and beautiful havens for these fragile creatures.

Beginning on the island of Syros, the capital of the Cyclades, Dr. Vorisis worked to transform dangerous areas where homeless cats gathered into safe and beautiful gardens, his mantra and slogan being, “The ugly shall become beautiful.”

Dr. Vorisis believes that it is important to change the way we humans see and interact with members of the animal kingdom and so he began to organize volunteers who were willing to knock on doors in the neighborhoods to talk about the ways in which it was possible to change the lives of these struggling felines.

Since 2017 Dr. Vorisis has spread his message beyond Syros and now he is the scientific director and advisor at the clinic run by Animal Zone International here on Amorgos.  His advice and support gives us the courage and inspiration to continue our fight to make a better life for the animals with whom we share our island.

During our spring sterilization program, not only did Dr. Vorisis sterilize sixty-three cats in two days, he also helped us clean and revitalize our own garden. He helped to prune our trees and plants to allow more light to enter that area, creating a welcoming, safe and beautiful haven for the cats of Amorgos.

As the good doctor says, “We must create beauty in our world.” We feel Dr. Vorisis is an amazing human being as well as an amazing veterinarian, and we are proud to partner with him in this important work.

Thank you Dr. Vorisis from all of us on the island of Amorgos!

garden collage.jpg

Spring Sterilization Program

AZI's sterilization program was a success! We surpassed our goal of sixty cats by three: the final count was sixty-three cats in two days.

Thirty-four females and twenty-nine males are now protected against producing the scores of litters that leave too many fragile kittens suffering from malnutrition and infection across our island.

Most of the cats came from the area of Katapola. Two were from Saint George Valsamitis, six were from Arkesini, and one came from Tholaria (Aegiali).

We want to thank all of those kind residents who helped us to bring these strays to our center—it was truly an all-island project.

All of the cats are now back in their home territory except for three sick ones who were too weak to withstand the operation. We are now treating their wounds with antibiotics and hoping very much that all three will soon be strong enough to bear the procedure and be returned to their home areas.

Animal Zone International along with the Municipality of Amorgos funded the cost of the vet Dr. Manolis Vorisis, his transportation, as well as the medications and surgical materials that were necessary to make this program a great success.

As well, we want to thank the lovely Pension Anna ( for hosting Dr. Vorisis at their wonderful hotel. Thank you all!

march spay collage.jpg


Animal Zone International, in cooperation with the Municipality of Amorgos, will be conducting a sterilization program for stray cats on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 of March 2018. The cost of the program will be covered by Animal Zone International and the Municipality of Amorgos.

Owners who do not wish their cats to be sterilized are kindly requested to keep them in their home on the two days when the program is being conducted or to place a collar around their necks so that our volunteers will not catch them.

As a reminder, according to Law 4039/2012, article 5, item g: The owner of the dominant pet is obliged to take care of its sterilization if he does not wish to keep the newborn animals or can not dispose them to new owners. He is also required to ensure the microchip and the recording of his animal as well as to issue a health booklet, but also to place a metallic badge on the collar of the animal, which is provided annually by the veterinarians during the annual rabies vaccination.



Aphrodite arrived at our Center a few weeks ago, looking very unwell. She had serious infections in both her eyes as well as a respiratory infection. She had no appetite and was just skin and bones.

Now after a few weeks in our care, with proper nutrition and medical treatment, she has fully recovered and will so be able to return to her normal life. Doesn't she look gorgeous now? 

Ermis and Dias

Last May, two kittens were found left alone in a chicken coop and brought to our Center where they received health-restoring treatments. The Filozoiki's secretary Anna Maria brought the kittens home to live with her and her daughter Melina.

Melina fell madly in love with the kittens and named them Ermis and Dias. She sleeps with them, cares for them, and even sews clothes for them. What a thrill to know that Ermis and Dias have found love and joy in a safe and caring home.

We wish them all a long and happy life together. And a Happy Valentine's Day to all!


AZI Cats Video

A short video featuring a few of AZI's cats and their amazing transformations. Many conditions of these cats are typical of the cases that we see (eye infections, injuries, etc.). Part of AZI's mission is to prevent these common diseases with vaccinations and anti-parasitic treatments; a very simple method to create a much healthier environment for all to live. Please consider helping us to pay for the treatments and making a donation. Best of all these kittens grow up to be wonderful feline companions—perhaps you would consider adopting one, even if virtually!

Vet Visit Feb 2018

Veterinarian Dr. Dimitris Vassalakis visited Amorgos and worked at AZI's Center this past weekend.

He examined all the cats and dogs that are under AZI's care as well as animals that were brought by neighbors and other members of the community.

These vet visits are a vital and major part of AZI's mission to provide healthcare to the animals on Amorgos, as there is no permanent veterinarian on the island.


3 Day Spay/Neuter Program in March


3 Day Spay/Neuter Program Planned for March 9-11, 2018

When there are too many cats and not enough resources, the cats are at risk for a life of hardship or worse, death.

AZI is preparing for a spay/neuter weekend in March. Your generous tax-deductible donation would allow us to sterilize as many stray cats as possible to maintain the current cat population and keep them healthy.

This is an important part of protecting the animals of Amorgos. Please donate and join our efforts to create a better life for all on Amorgos. Thank you!


Visit us!

AZI's Center is located in the beautiful area of Pera Rachidi in Katapola, Amorgos. At the Center we operate a clinic where animals in need receive medical care.

Additionally we foster many wonderful cats and kittens while they wait to find their forever home. We foster dogs in a different area, and they are also available for adoption.

Our Center is open from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. on weekdays. Why don’t you stop by and spend some time with our amazing animals? Perhaps you’ll find your next furry friend here!


AZI's Amazing Cats

At AZI's Center in Pera Rachidi, we care for the cats and dogs that have been rescued and are awaiting adoption. The animals have their own separate area but they can also choose to go outside and enjoy fresh air and the Amorgos countryside just outside the center.

While they have the company of the other cats and dogs, we would much rather that they find their own homes and families to live with. Please look through our adoption page here, and consider adopting one of these amazing and sweet animals. They are waiting for you!


Repair of the equine shelter

On a very windy day in December, a piece of wood was ripped from the roof of the stable at our equine shelter, so the animals were exposed to a period of very bad weather conditions.

Responding to our call for help, Mr. Antonis Despotidis, the owner of an organic farm, “To Perivoli,” offered to repair the damage. We want to thank him for his generosity in helping to give shelter to our equines.

Unfortunately, it now seems that the entire roof of the stable must be replaced and the cost will be 1,000 euros.

Won't you help us? Your generous tax-deductible donation would allow us to replace the roof. Please help Animal Zone International in continuing its important work for the vulnerable animals of Amorgos. These retired and elderly equines deserve to live out their lives in peace and comfort. 

 Help keep these equines comfortable and protected from bad weather. Thank you for your support!

Help keep these equines comfortable and protected from bad weather. Thank you for your support!

New Beginnings for Lily

Until recently, it was not common practice for families of Amorgos to adopt animals from local welfare associations, but, in the last few months we have been thrilled to find that four of our animals from the Center have found loving homes.

Today, a small kitten only four months old has been adopted by a local couple who had lost their own cat, Melenia. Mr. Kostas Sigalas came to us hoping to adopt a kitten as a gift for his wife, Despoina, who was grieving over the loss of her beloved cat. Mr. Siglas chose little Lily, who, amazingly, looks much like their own Melenia.

Today, with tears in her eyes, Mrs. Despoina welcomed little Lily into her home and, because she spends many hours alone, Lily will be great company for this kind lady. A loving relationship has begun and we wish many many long years of happiness together for the Despoinas and their new family member.


In May of 2017, little Zizi was abandoned, together with her brothers, outside of the primary school of Potamos in Aegiali.

After a difficult struggle her small brothers were not able to survive but little Zizi showed a gift for life that helped her to grow strong in her time at our Center. Now, Zizi has been adopted by a local family in Langada, Aeliali where she shares the love and care of a family with two young boys who clearly adore her.

We are thankful for another happy ending for another young member of the animal kingdom.