A Kitten’s Struggle to Survive

This sweet baby was only two weeks old when she was discovered in a trash bin by an animal-loving family who knows the work we do. They brought the kitten to us in such dire condition that we were not certain we could save her. Her small body was so malnourished that she was too weak to take milk from a bottle, which meant that we would need to feed her by hand, drop by drop, until she began to gain strength. Now, her appetite has returned, and this small fighter is gaining strength day by day. When she is strong enough to eat on her own she will be adopted by the family that first found her for they have grown to love her as they watch her struggle for life.

Animal Action in Amorgos

Over three days in June, a total of 55 equines—37 donkeys, 10 mules and 8 horses—were seen and cared for by the Animal Action team in the following areas: Vroutsi, Arkesini, Kolofana, Langada, Tholaria, Ormos, Chora and Katapola.

During the program we were informed about an unwanted old mule (40 years old) that the owner no longer wanted. The mule had broken his hip, which fortunately healed, but prohibited the mule from continuing to work. So for his retirement, the mule will come to AZI’s stable and we welcome his addition.
The team also examined a two-year-old stallion who was kept with his legs tied together. This practice of tying the legs is seriously detrimental and can permanently damage the legs. Instead, the team offered advice about a better way to tie a horse, using a halter and collar. A halter and collar was bought for the owner, and we hope that he will use it and that the quality of life of the horse will improve.
The residents of Amorgos have embraced the program and they eagerly await the annual visit of the Animal Action team.

We want to thank Animal Action for sending the team: Michali Gagani, a veterinarian specializing in equines, the farrier Gianni Mprastiano, our volunteer Lea Voegeli who offer us great help, and Panagiotis Psychogios (the Pensione Panos) who hosted the vet. 

A big round of thank yous also go to the owners of the many animals who participated in the program.

Animal Action at work in Amorgos, Greece, June 23–25, 2016

Animal Action at work in Amorgos, Greece, June 23–25, 2016

Equine Care

On the flyer below, translated from Greek, and distributed on Amorgos:

In collaboration with Animal Zone International, the Equine Care team of ANIMAL ACTION – GAWF will return to our island this June in order to offer its services to working animals (donkeys, horses, mules) of residents of the island for three days: Thursday, June 23rd, Friday June 24th and Saturday June 25th. 

Whoever has donkeys, mules, or horses who need care, please contact Animal Zone International or simply bring the animal to the designated points. Both a veterinarian specializing in horses and the farrier from ANIMAL ACTION will deworm animals and will take care of hooves and animal teeth for FREE.
Time: 18:30 p.m. Vroutsi (Georgalini Parking)
Time: 20:00 p.m. Arkesini (Cafe)

Time: 10:00 a.m. Over Parking Langada
Time: 13:00 p.m. Parking Tholaria
Time: 15:00 p.m. Parking Ormos Aegiali (next to Lucky Hotel)

Time: 18:00 p.m. Parking of Chora (to the Health Center)
Time: 10:30 a.m. Agrokipio (Next to Exarchopoulos)


A School Visit

On June 10, 2016, Anastasia Voulgaridi and Efi Pavlidou, two volunteers, visited Aegiali’s primary school to talk about the well-being of animals with the children. This year's presentation focused on the animal farm industry and considering the choices we make about what we eat. As Amorgos is an island in which religion plays a large role, the relationship of Christianity and animals was also discussed.
On this visit we were very pleased to award to the winners of last year’s art contest their prizes—brand new bicycles! The winners were students of first and third class of the primary school, and we hope they enjoy riding their new bikes.


The two winners receiving their new bikes!

The two winners receiving their new bikes!

Rescue of a Common Buzzard

In February, a common buzzard was rescued from a hencoop in Ormos on Aegiali. The bird remained with us for ten days, at which point it was examined by Dr. Vassalakis and was discovered to have a wing fracture that had not been obvious at the beginning of its stay. We decided to send the bird to the Rescue Center for Wild Birds, “Alkioni,” in Paros, and by March it had come back to Amorgos healthy and strong and ready to return to its natural habitat.
During its stay at “Alkioni,” our own bird was examined and treated along with a second common buzzard that had been rescued and sent to Paros. Both birds were treated successfully and were released back into the area of Aegliali.

We want to thank the local volunteer, Jennie Arvaniti, who rescued and sent our bird to us. We also want to thank another volunteer and member of the local animal welfare society, “Panagiotis Pshogios,” who helped to care for the bird while at the same time sharing with us his extensive knowledge of wild birds. As well, we would like to thank the Aegean Wildlife Hospital, “Alkioni”——who took care of the two birds as well as for their excellent cooperation during these many years. Finally, we would like to thank Dimitris Synodinos (Amorgos Diving Center) who was the rescuer of the second bird and was able to release both of them back into nature.

For more informations about Common Buzzards here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_buzzard