Meet the Board

The Board of Directors for Animal Zone International is as diverse as a group can be. Its members are drawn from the world of veterinary medicine, law, psychoanalysis, the visual arts, music, film, theater and literature. They all share a common love for the animals and deep respect for the environment. The time they devote to the cause is cut out from their professional responsibilities and is marked by the joyous belief that,  with some imagination and a bit of courage, the world can indeed be changed one tree, one animal, one community, one island at a time.   

Board of Directors

Paola Mieli, President
Dana Mark, Vice-President, Treasurer
Edoardo Ballerini
Marco Antonio Coutinho Jorge
Robert Simon

Development Committee
Luigi Ballerini
Jed Distler
Maria Scarpini
Morning Slayter
Alain Vanier
Giorgina & Diego Vergani

EU Coordinator
Marcello Mieli

Scientific Committee
Anna Cane
Vassalakis Dimitrios
Jay Kuhlman

Animal Zone International Greece
Pepi Gavala, Director