Working with the community to save animals and the environment.


Our Mission

Animal Zone International (AZI) is a non-profit organization that provides an essential community service through its dedication to the sustainability of the environment through the protection and control of animals. From its start in 2007, the work of AZI has taken place on the Greek island of Amorgos.

Animal Zone International, Inc. is an organization described in Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, contributions to which are deductible for income tax purposes. The taxpayer identification number for Animal Zone International, Inc. is 74-3244488.



Amorgos is a unique and fragile island community, where two thousand permanent residents live alongside an animal population estimated to be over thirty thousand — feral cats, dogs, goats, equines and working farm animals. 

Since its inception, AZI has transformed the lives of community residents in the limited areas of its current outreach, through reducing the animal population using the humane measure of sterilization and treatment, thus helping to reestablish the sustainability of this delicate environment. 


  • Food and Shelter
  • Medical Attention
  • Public Awareness 
  • Promote Local Animal Awareness
  • Provide Outreach and Education 
  • Adoption Programs

Our primary goal for 2018 is to maintain our current level of veterinary outreach and assistance and to expand the sterilization program to other island locations and to ultimately provide permanent veterinary care across the entire island.
— Paola Mieli, Founder & President


Recent Adoptions

By the Numbers

From its inception in 2007, AZI has rescued, sterilized and treated hundreds of animals. With growth of the organization and new partnership, we raise more awareness and impact more lives. 

2007 – 2010

500 animals rescued,
sterilized and treated

85 children taught

JANUARY 2011 – Present

639 animals rescued

1,116 animals sterilized

328 children taught

Everyday we provide:

  • food and water to 300 stray cats in several areas of Amorgos

  • food and water to 60 ducks and 2 geese

  • full care (food, water, exercise, cleanliness) to 6 equines

  • full care to 4 dogs 

In addition to treatment and education, adoption is on the rise. Since we began, we have helped 59 animals find new homes.