AZI's Clinic

Conveniently located in Pera Raxidi, our Clinic is a beacon for animal care on Amorgos. Animals brought here are diagnosed, treated, and nursed back to health in our shelter by local veterinarians and volunteers alike.

Our program coordinator, Ms. Evangelitza Passari, who works full time to supervise the activity of the local society for the welfare of the animals and to coordinate the efforts of its volunteers (Philozoike) with the clinical work of the local veterinarian.

Established in 2012 and renovated in 2013, our Clinic is fully equipped with a computer, printer, telephone, and internet connection. This small building houses a recovery room, waiting room, and modest accommodations for visiting veterinarians. 

Dogs and cats are now routinely vaccinated or treated for injuries, parasites, and spayed/neutered, which is essential for curbing the population of stray cats. Additionally, abandoned cats and tied-up dogs, under the care of the Philozoike’s volunteers, are visited those lonely animals on a regular basis, fed, watered, and rescued from their sad situation when possible.

See a short video of the cats of our center here.