Adoption Pending


Bob is one of the five small puppies who were abandoned last year outside of a field in Amorgos. After many months with us, a local family of shepherds asked to adopt Bob and begin the work of training him to watch over their herds of goats and sheep. Although we told them that Bob loved to chase anything that moved they assured us that they would be able to turn him into a good watchdog.

Unfortunately, Bob was very happy to chase the herd but not to control it, and, so, after two months, Bob came back to us at the Center. He is now a very sweet and smart boy who loves to be with people. He is calm, gentle with children and comfortable with other dogs as well as with cats. As long as there are no goats or sheep to chase, he is the most easygoing of fellows.

Bob is now living with his sister Akira and his brother Arangon in an enclosure in Amorgos. Unfortunately, due to the lack of foster homes and volunteers on the island, these young dogs spend only a short time with people who come each day to care for them and they urgently need homes and human attention.

Bob’s mother was a pure breed Belgian Shepherd Groenendael and his father was a Greek Shepherd mixed breed. He is one year old, weighs 30 kg, is neutered and fully vaccinated, and his microchip number is 941000016719317.

Our great hope is that Bob will find a new and loving family on which to lavish his immense capacity for joyful affection.


Get to know Fido

Number of microchip: 941000016719394.

Fido is a mixed breed male Collie. He weighs 30 kg, is 2 years old, neutered, and fully vaccinated. His blood tests turned out negative for Leishmania and Erlicheia.

Fido initially was supposed to be a shepherd dog but it just so happens that he is afraid goats!! His shepherd owner was given to our organization. Before then he lived in the mountains, tied up most of the time, with very little to eat.  Despite this awful start in life, Fido is a very happy and active dog who acts like a puppy.

Fido has been with us less than a month and we have worked to familiarize him with his new environment, both physical and social. Sometime he is afraid of things he does not know and his general reaction is to sit down. He did so every time a car (which he had never seen) went by. He adores water so much, so we occasionally bring him to the sea. Fido is a smart, easy to handle dog, and he loves everybody and he is easily trained.

Just like Arangon and Akira he lives in a small enclosure. He badly needs a loving home, even one not so close to the ocean. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting him. We're sure you won't regret it.




Number of microchip: 941000016719318

Arangon is a mixed breed male Belgian Shepherd Groenendael  (his mother was a purebred belgian shepherd Groenendael and his father a mixed breed Greek shepherd). He is 10 months old, neutered, fully vaccinated and weighs 30 kg. His tail, just like that of his father, is short. When he was about two months he was abandoned with his 3 sisters and 1 brother. We tracked down the man responsible for this who, apologized, accepted to sterilize his female dog (the mother) and to cover all expenses for the puppies until all of them are adopted. 

Arangon is a happy, active puppy, easy to handle:  he responds quickly to what is being asked of him and shows great affection for humans. Right now he rooms with his sister Akira, as all the others puppies have been adopted. Unfortunately, due to a lack of foster homes for dogs in Amorgos, the space they have at their disposal is very small and our assistant can only spend with them half hour a day. 

He gets along very well with other dogs, male or female, small or big, children and even cats.