Celine arrived at our Center at the end of August, a tiny two month old baby in dire condition and now, after treatment for parasites and good healthy high-quality nutrition, Celine has become a beautiful, shinny and chubby kitten who never stops playing.

Celine is available for adoption and she will be a grateful and affectionate member of her new family.


When Koutco arrived in our Center this summer he was FIV positive and had already lost vision in one of his eyes. Since the other eye was severely compromised, Koutco was struggling to survive on the streets but after an accident that left his front right leg paralyzed his future appeared bleak.

Lamia, the benevolent woman who took care of the colony in which Koutco was living decided to contact a friend in Holland and together, Lamia and Juliette found a shelter for him in Belgium. This is a wonderful shelter and we have sent another cat from Amorgos, the handsome Plume, to find a home with them.

The people of Vzw Zwerfkat in Belgium do tremendous work with cats in severe need and we salute them and hope that you will visit their website https://www.zwerfkat.com/ . They have given Koutco a second chance in life and, now, he is looking forward to his true and loving forever home.



Rebeca was found alone on the streets of Chora by a very kind child. He saw Rebeca sitting in a corner unable to move because her both eyes were completely shut, struck by severe infection. He immediately pick her up and brought her to our Center.

After 1 week of treatment Rebeca is completely healthy and she plays non stop. Her little friend visited our Center in order to see her and he was very happy to see her fully healed.

See a video of her making her super-kitten moves—https://youtu.be/18TWLK_Bsxw

Rebeca is now available for adoption! Please contact us at azi.amorgos@gmail.com if you are interested. Or help us with her nutritional and medical needs by making a small donation in her support https://tinyurl.com/Donate-AZI


Zak is a two-and-a-half-month old kitten who was found a month ago, along with his three brothers and sisters, in the middle of the central road in Chora-Arkesini, near the monastery of Saint George Valsamitis.

When Zak arrived he was malnourished and dehydrated but, after one month in our care and with proper treatment, Zak is now a healthy strong kitten who loves to be caressed. He is waiting patiently for his new and loving family. Please consider welcoming this friendly fellow into your home.

Microchip #: 941000016719371

Microchip #: 941000016719371


Sweet Tasoula is a three-month old kitten who was found a month ago in the garden of a pension in Katapola where she, her mother, and her brothers and sisters were being fed by the very kind cleaning lady of the pension.

When she saw that Tasoula had an eye infection she contacted our center and we agreed to administer the drops that we hoped would clear up Tasoula’s infection. Unfortunately Tasoula was afraid of the treatment so we agreed to take her in and help with the medications.

Even though she has lost the sight in one of her eyes, she is still a happy, healthy, playful kitten, a bit shy but always happy for affection. We hope we are able to find a loving home with a caring family for Tasoula. Please contact us if you're interested!

Microchip number: 941000016719392

Microchip number: 941000016719392


Aris was found barely conscious on Friday, October 14th and, with only a few hours of life remaining, he was brought to our center where we began intensive treatment. After three days of water and nourishment and medication this kitten regained strength and he now stands on his own small feet, begins to eat by himself and asks for our caresses. Aris has a sweet nature and we hope this tiny one will find a kind and loving family to care for him. 


Photo 1: He was found almost unconscious and unable to stand.

Photo 2: He was transferred immediately to our Center .

Photo 3: Three days later, he is able to stand in his own.

Photo 4: He asks for attention and caresses.


Get to know Angeliki


Number of microchip:  941000016719370

Angeliki came to the Center on May 2015. She is named after the girl from Tholaria who brought her to us. Tholaria is a bad spot for stray cats: we have not yet fully eradicated the local habit of using poison to get rid of them. The issue with Angeliki was, however, different: she had been attacked by a dog and one of her hind paws was seriously damaged. To move about she would drag it and bring more pain on herself. Our attempts to make her walk with a splint were a failure. The wound would not heal and it became necessary to amputate. We now need a compassionate animal lover who has access to a garden, Angeliki, who is fond of other cats and is only a little cautious around dogs (understandably so!) likes to spend some time oudoors. At home she is so quiet that you would hardly know she is there. She does not beg for affection, but on occasion she is very determinate in claiming her portion of caresses.