Celine arrived at our Center at the end of August, a tiny two month old baby in dire condition and now, after treatment for parasites and good healthy high-quality nutrition, Celine has become a beautiful, shinny and chubby kitten who never stops playing.

Celine is available for adoption and she will be a grateful and affectionate member of her new family.


When Koutco arrived in our Center this summer he was FIV positive and had already lost vision in one of his eyes. Since the other eye was severely compromised, Koutco was struggling to survive on the streets but after an accident that left his front right leg paralyzed his future appeared bleak.

Lamia, the benevolent woman who took care of the colony in which Koutco was living decided to contact a friend in Holland and together, Lamia and Juliette found a shelter for him in Belgium. This is a wonderful shelter and we have sent another cat from Amorgos, the handsome Plume, to find a home with them.

The people of Vzw Zwerfkat in Belgium do tremendous work with cats in severe need and we salute them and hope that you will visit their website . They have given Koutco a second chance in life and, now, he is looking forward to his true and loving forever home.



Rebeca was found alone on the streets of Chora by a very kind child. He saw Rebeca sitting in a corner unable to move because her both eyes were completely shut, struck by severe infection. He immediately pick her up and brought her to our Center.

After 1 week of treatment Rebeca is completely healthy and she plays non stop. Her little friend visited our Center in order to see her and he was very happy to see her fully healed.

See a video of her making her super-kitten moves—

Rebeca is now available for adoption! Please contact us at if you are interested. Or help us with her nutritional and medical needs by making a small donation in her support

Fani and Frinta

Frinta was found in May, abandoned and crying, on the streets of Amorgos. She was very tiny, only about a month old, and our program coordinator, Litsa, cared for her until we could find Frinta a loving home. Very quickly her sweetness attracted a new family and she has gone to live in her forever home in Athens.

We are blessed to know that Frinta will live a safe and happy life after her difficult beginning.



In May of 2017, little Zizi was abandoned, together with her brothers, outside of the primary school of Potamos in Aegiali.

After a difficult struggle her small brothers were not able to survive but little Zizi showed a gift for life that helped her to grow strong in her time at our Center. Now, Zizi has been adopted by a local family in Langada, Aeliali where she shares the love and care of a family with two young boys who clearly adore her.

We are thankful for another happy ending for another young member of the animal kingdom.



Zak is a two-and-a-half-month old kitten who was found a month ago, along with his three brothers and sisters, in the middle of the central road in Chora-Arkesini, near the monastery of Saint George Valsamitis.

When Zak arrived he was malnourished and dehydrated but, after one month in our care and with proper treatment, Zak is now a healthy strong kitten who loves to be caressed. He is waiting patiently for his new and loving family. Please consider welcoming this friendly fellow into your home.

Microchip #: 941000016719371

Microchip #: 941000016719371


Sweet Tasoula is a three-month old kitten who was found a month ago in the garden of a pension in Katapola where she, her mother, and her brothers and sisters were being fed by the very kind cleaning lady of the pension.

When she saw that Tasoula had an eye infection she contacted our center and we agreed to administer the drops that we hoped would clear up Tasoula’s infection. Unfortunately Tasoula was afraid of the treatment so we agreed to take her in and help with the medications.

Even though she has lost the sight in one of her eyes, she is still a happy, healthy, playful kitten, a bit shy but always happy for affection. We hope we are able to find a loving home with a caring family for Tasoula. Please contact us if you're interested!

Microchip number: 941000016719392

Microchip number: 941000016719392


Fluffy, our beautiful and truly special blind cat, after staying at our Center for two years and despite being positive in FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency virus), has finally found her own home in Holland!

Mirtos Animal Project, an organization in Holland with which we cooperate, has found a new home where Fluffy will live with 2 dogs. We're so happy for her!


Melpo was found in the middle of the road in June of 2014 when she was only one and a half months old. She has grown up at our Center, but, because we could not find an adoptive home for her we released her into a safe area.

Unfortunately, five months ago, Melpo was hit by a car and her front leg had to be amputated. Since then she has stayed with us at the center and we have grown so fond of this small sweet cat whom we believe has a very noble character. She is quiet and undemanding and waits patiently for us to give her attention.  

She is now two and a half years old, spayed, fully vaccinated and negative for the feline viruses FEL and FIV. 

Below are photographs of Melpo as she first came to us, after her accident, and now, as a grown up girl. We have also included a short video of Melpo. Should you be interested in virtually adopting her, please contact us at

Microchip number 941000016719335



Plume was born in the same building in which our Center is located and for ten years he had a loving family and a best friend in his very own mother. Unfortunately, due to the crises in Greece, his owner, Francoise, could no longer find work and was forced to move back to her home in Switzerland.

For Plume this was the beginning of a series of tragedies that would change his world forever. His own mother died suddenly and his owner was unable to keep him. Plume was left alone and we, at the center, agreed to take care of him. But the peaceful and quite life that Plume had known did not prepare him for a center filled with so many of the cats that are in our care.

Plume decided that he was happier spending more time outside in the neighborhood but soon he developed an infection. Our veterinarian treated him for respiratory disease and gave him antibiotics but when nothing seemed to help so we decided to send him to Athens for a second opinion. The discovery of a nasal fistula began a series of three surgeries and five difficult treatments over a long period of time, all of which left Plume in need of a calm sanctuary. 

Our dear friend in Holland, Juliette, became interested in Plume’s story and began to search for a home for him, but, because Plume had also been diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), he would not be able to live among cats who were free of the virus. Juliette and her friends found a shelter for cats in Belgium which seemed ideal for him, Buddy Kat:

Nathalie, the wonderful woman from Buddy Kat, fell in love with Plume and agreed to take him into Villa Vagebond,, their section for cats suffering with FIV. First though, he would have to be examined by a veterinarian and treated again for the fistula and so Juliette escorted him from Amorgos to Holland where he stayed with her for two days before being fostered by Nathalie.

There, he received intensive care for the chronic problem he had, creating fluid accumulation in his face. After months of treatment a miracle happened and it simply disappeared!

In the meantime Nathalie felt in love with our special guy and she decided to adopt him. So Plume is now a permanent resident of Villa Vagebond in Belgium, where he lives in peace and comfort and is very happy.


Little Artemis

Little Artemis is only three weeks old but she is a fierce warrior. After being left alone for six days in a rusty barrel, exposed to the heat of the day and the cold of the night, when I found her, I felt that she was alive by some great and mysterious miracle. I took Artemis back to our center and gave her an antibiotic serum, cleaned her eyes and nose and placed her on a heating pad, feeding her with a syringe drop by drop, every hour, until, through her great will to live, she opened her eyes and began to suck milk from the baby bottle with gusto, purring and pawing the arms of those who held her. Little Artemis is blessed with strength and we believe that she will live a long and happy life with whoever will come to share their own life with her.


Microchip#: 941000016719390
Valeria came to the Center on September 29, 2015, when she was 3 months old, nothing more than skin and bones and with bad case of diarrhea. She arrived at our shelter with her brother but sadly, her brother was in a much worse condition, and he died the next day.

Valeria comes from a field in Katapola where she lived with a small colony of cats.
Valeria is now almost 11 months old, spayed, fully vaccinated and ready to find her own warm house. She is very easy-going cat, calm and relaxed. We are sure that she will be the perfect feline company for someone.

Posted 6/29/16


One day in September, 2015, Litsa, AZI's coordinator in Amorgos, heard a kitten crying while walking her dog. But because the kitten was located inside a private garden, she left it alone. However, when she returned the next day, the kitten was still crying, so she found the owner of the property and received permission to search the area. 

Nano was found under a plant crying nonstop, with no mother around. She appeared to be only a couple weeks old. Litsa rescued her and brought her to AZI's center, where little Nano received care and nourishment. She was bottle fed at first and eventually learned to eat by herself. 
Some months later, in December 2015, Nano found her own home in Athens. A few days before Christmas, little Nano traveled to Athens where she met her new family. The family has three daughters who fell in love with Nano, who became the first cat in their family. Nano is loved by every member of the family, and we often receive happy updates and photos with her achievements.


Get to know Angeliki


Number of microchip:  941000016719370

Angeliki came to the Center on May 2015. She is named after the girl from Tholaria who brought her to us. Tholaria is a bad spot for stray cats: we have not yet fully eradicated the local habit of using poison to get rid of them. The issue with Angeliki was, however, different: she had been attacked by a dog and one of her hind paws was seriously damaged. To move about she would drag it and bring more pain on herself. Our attempts to make her walk with a splint were a failure. The wound would not heal and it became necessary to amputate. We now need a compassionate animal lover who has access to a garden, Angeliki, who is fond of other cats and is only a little cautious around dogs (understandably so!) likes to spend some time oudoors. At home she is so quiet that you would hardly know she is there. She does not beg for affection, but on occasion she is very determinate in claiming her portion of caresses.


Klio + Minoas + Thalia

Get to know Klio, Minoas & Thalia

Numbers of microchip:

Klio (the black and white - photos 1 and 4): 941000016719393
Minoas (the red with a little bit white - photos 2 and 5): 941000016719391
Thalia (the red - photos 3 and 6): 941000016719392

Our babies Minoas, Klio and Thalia arrived at the Center from the area of Aegiali on April 24 when they were about 2 weeks old. 

Lampros from Aegiali knew their mother and used to feed her but when he didn't see her for two days and heard her babies cry non stop he realized that something wrong happened to her. As he didn't know how to take care such small kittens he called on us. The rescue mission began promptly for we knew that the kittens had been without any food for at least two days. In 45 minutes of the call the babies where sleeping in a warm bed with their tummies full of milk. 

The kittens  have grown a lot  since that day. They are now 2 months old and ready for adoption. They are 3 fat small balls with incredible energy for play and a voracious appetite. 

Litsa (Louiza)

Happy news! Another cat of the three brought to Chicago by PAWS Chicago volunteers in March 2016 has found a new home.

Originally named Louiza, now called Litsa, she is about a year and a half, and is a special needs cat. She is totally blind, caused by severe infections in both eyes contracted when she was just a kitten. Her chances of finding a good home in Greece were slim to none, so the wonderful volunteers from PAWS Chicago took her to the US and after a few months in a foster home, she was adopted. We're so happy for her!


Donald, now Giorgos, was one of the first kittens that came to the Center when it opened in September 2012. He was found with his sister Daisy in the middle of a central road in Katapola when they were 2 months old. Tourists were trying to protect them from the cars. After receiving a call, I picked them up and since then they have been living at our Center. Later Giorgos was transferred to our shelter in Chora, but after breaking his leg in an accident he returned to the Center to recover. 

Giorgos is now one of the luckiest cats because the team from PAWS Chicago took him to Chicago to find a good home for him there. And guess what, a home was found right away and Giorgos now has his own family. What a wonderful ending for a sweet, deserving cat.