Melpo was found in the middle of the road in June of 2014 when she was only one and a half months old. She has grown up at our Center, but, because we could not find an adoptive home for her we released her into a safe area.

Unfortunately, five months ago, Melpo was hit by a car and her front leg had to be amputated. Since then she has stayed with us at the center and we have grown so fond of this small sweet cat whom we believe has a very noble character. She is quiet and undemanding and waits patiently for us to give her attention.  

She is now two and a half years old, spayed, fully vaccinated and negative for the feline viruses FEL and FIV. 

Below are photographs of Melpo as she first came to us, after her accident, and now, as a grown up girl. We have also included a short video of Melpo. Should you be interested in virtually adopting her, please contact us at

Microchip number 941000016719335