A Seagull Rescue

Several days ago, we were contacted by two tourists who were swimming in the remote beach of Campi and who had discovered a seagull with a broken wing. Because they were not able to capture the frightened bird, we called Alkoni, the Aegean Wildlife Hospital in Paros and asked for their advice. Unfortunately, by that time, the bird had disappeared from the beach of Campi.

Days later the bird was finally captured by two men swimming at the Agia Anna beach. We were able to send the bird to Alkioni in Paros but unfortunately the news is not good. Miguel, as we now call him, must remain at the hospital along with fifty-two seagulls that also are unable to fly.

If Miguel is able to come back to Amorgos, one of our restaurants that is close to the sea must agree to feed this broken-winged bird and keep him close to the water that he loves so much.

Our appeal is that someone will adopt Miguel and even, perhaps, a few more of the birds who live at the Aegean Wildlife Hospital. It is great work that they do and they need help in this beautiful project that brings wounded and disabled birds back into their natural habitat. 


Sparrow Rescue

Rescue of the Day

The schoolchildren of the Primary School of Katapola found a small sparrow that could not yet fly and realized it needed some help. They went to their teachers and let them know. 

We were called in to attend to the bird. While there we took the opportunity to say a few words to the students about how one cares for such a small bird. 

We returned to our Center with the bird to look after it, promising the students that we will keep them informed of the health of the little sparrow, with hopes that it would eventually be released. 

A GREAT BRAVO to the teachers and one BIGGEST BRAVO to the students. Today's lesson came to all of us from them.


Ducklings of Amorgos

The colony of ducks in Amorgos continue to reproduce during the cold of our winters, and, today, six small ducklings were discovered huddled together against the strong winds that beat against our island. Unfortunately these ducklings were in very bad shape by the time that we found them and we were only able to save four of the six Those four are now with us in our Center and are enjoying the warmth of our glowing stove while they grow stronger day by day.

A Rescue of Ducklings

At nine o’clock on Saturday morning my mobile phone rang and I was told of a newborn duckling in trouble on the beach. Immediately I found the duckling and began a search for the rest of her family but to no avail.

I brought the duckling back to our center to nest with the twenty-seven ducklings that we are already caring for and the baby ate well, drank water and recovered her strength quickly.

Later that day I received a call saying that a mother duck with nine ducklings had been spotted on the same spot where our lone duckling had been found. It seemed best to bring the family back to our center. We now have a total of thirty-seven ducklings in our garden and we know that there will surely be more because there are so many cats that roam our beaches, as well as so many seagulls that swoop down on the tiny newborns.

Over the years the ducks of Amorgos beach have been fed by locals and the adults do well but the babies are easy prey for predators. This is why we bring them back our garden, where they are safe and fed and given water until they are large enough to protect themselves. At that point we release them back into the colony.

We need your support and we ask for your donation. Even one euro is valuable to us and to the animals in our care. We are grateful to have so many online friends! Thank you for joining us to care for the animals of the island of Amorgos.

Rescue of a Common Buzzard

In February, a common buzzard was rescued from a hencoop in Ormos on Aegiali. The bird remained with us for ten days, at which point it was examined by Dr. Vassalakis and was discovered to have a wing fracture that had not been obvious at the beginning of its stay. We decided to send the bird to the Rescue Center for Wild Birds, “Alkioni,” in Paros, and by March it had come back to Amorgos healthy and strong and ready to return to its natural habitat.
During its stay at “Alkioni,” our own bird was examined and treated along with a second common buzzard that had been rescued and sent to Paros. Both birds were treated successfully and were released back into the area of Aegliali.

We want to thank the local volunteer, Jennie Arvaniti, who rescued and sent our bird to us. We also want to thank another volunteer and member of the local animal welfare society, “Panagiotis Pshogios,” who helped to care for the bird while at the same time sharing with us his extensive knowledge of wild birds. As well, we would like to thank the Aegean Wildlife Hospital, “Alkioni”——who took care of the two birds as well as for their excellent cooperation during these many years. Finally, we would like to thank Dimitris Synodinos (Amorgos Diving Center) who was the rescuer of the second bird and was able to release both of them back into nature.

For more informations about Common Buzzards here:

An Owl Rescue

When Litsa, our coordinator on Amorgos, heard about a little owl (Athene noctua) with a broken wing outside the gym in Xylokeratidi, she immediately went to get her. But, due to strong winds, ferry service was suspended so the owl had to stay with Litsa for three days.

When the winds subsided and the boat finally came, the injured owl was sent to the Alkioni Wild Bird Rescue Center in Paros where she will receive medical care, including surgery. We hope that she will be able to fly again, though we're told chances are 50-50. We will find out how she does in three weeks, and we hope for the best!  

Working Weekend Ahead

The examination room is ready!

The examination room is ready!

While in New York we are madly preparing for the Annual Argos Fall Benefit, back in Amorgos, Litsa is madly preparing for a weekend of spaying and neutering. She will be working with 4 vets and one vet student to spay/neuter cats from all areas of Amorgos as well as some dogs. Getting the cat population under control is a major step toward achieving a healthy cat community and improved environmental conditions for everyone on the island. We wish Litsa and the vets the very best this weekend!

Ducks and cats

Katapola, August 23rd, 2013: A tourist feeds a colony of ducks and cats who live together on the harbor.

Saving a Hawk on Amorgos

A beautiful hawk with a broken wing was found by an elderly couple in their garden. They called Dr. Despoti, who was driving around the island with Paola looking for colonies of stray cats. In less than an hour, the hawk was found, treated, and prepared for a journey to Paros, five hours away. Will it survive the journey? Will it be fit to be treated at the Wild Bird Sanctuary? Good news arrives that evening. The hawk survived the overnight crossing. Two days later the news is even better: the hawk can be cured, its wing will heal. After a period of recovery in Paros, it will be returned to Amorgos where it will be released into the wild.