A Boy and His Bunny Mike

A young boy called us at the Center asking for our help in finding a cure for his desperately ill rabbit, Mike.

Once the rabbit arrived we immediately called our veterinarian Dr. Dimitris Vasalakis. The diagnosis was a skin disease known as psoriasis that had left Mike so weak he could no longer stand or eat. We were told to begin injecting antibiotics and feeding nourishment and vitamins by syringe. 

By morning, after a night spent sleeping quietly on a heating pad, Mike was able to stand, to nibble on carrots and to drink water by himself. It took so little to reclaim the health and life of this small creature—the intensive care that we were able to provide gave the rabbit the strength he needed to begin to heal and he will stay here with us until he is strong enough to return to his home. At that time we will teach the boy how to recognize any symptoms that might possibly reoccur and to care for the rabbit himself.

We have great hopes that Mike will live a long and active life and we are grateful to the boy who cared enough to bring him to us at the Center. If you want to help Mike and others like him, please consider making a donation. Without your help we would not be able to care for animals in an emergency such as this. Thank you!