Vet visit

Visit from the Veterinarian

The great Doctor Andrianna Alexandropouloucame to our Center in order to carry out our annual spring sterilization program. Many of our island strays were spayed and neutered as well as many of the animals owned by members of our island community and examinations and vaccines were provided as well. The cats came from all the villages of Amorgos—the areas of Katapola, Kastelopetra, Chora, Saint George Valsamitis, Kato Meria and Aegiali.

Doctor Alexandropoulou was sent to us by the Amorgosvia Aegean Cats along with Doctor Manolis Vorissis and together they have begun a vital program for the care of the enormous stray population in these Cyclades Islands.

We would like to thank the Municipality of Amorgos who covered the expenses for the medical supplies as well as the salary of the vet and host the vet during this time. We thank also the Vice Mayor Mrs Anna Gavala for their continued help in our project.

We also want to thank all of our donors who help us continue this most important work and of course our amazing volunteers Hariklia, Mata, Anna, Giorgos, Evangelia, Iannis and Angeliki as well as the local residents for their important help.

We have renewed our appointment for the autumn!!!

Thank you, once again, Andrianna, Manolis and Aegean Cats—we live together with love and generosity.