A Couple of Stray Cats in Lefkes


July 2010 — This is an update of two stray cats, Kokino and Cyclopina, who live in the area of Lefkes. In June 2010, Kokino had a very serious infection on his head and shoulder. It was so bad that the vet Dr. Vassalakis had to remove part of the skin from his head and shoulders.

At the same time, while he was operating on Kokino’s infection, Dr. Vassalakis took the opportunity to neuter him, in hopes that this will help prevent him from getting into cat fights in the future. A local volunteer kept Kokino indoors while he recovered, as the wound had to be completely closed before he could return to his life outdoors. Cyclopina was so named because of a deep crater on her forehead, which looks like a third eye. Over the years the crater becomes infected, produces a lot of pus, then closes again, only for the cycle to begin again. We have tried many antibiotic creams and pills but so far we have not had any luck in treating her. The problem of course is that Cyclopina is not an ideal patient, as she disappears at times for a few days in a row. The infection has now spread to the eyelids, which is a cause for deep concern.

Too Late

July 2010 — While on her way to visiting a dog named Doulos, Lamia was confronted with two tiny pups. One was dead, the other one dying. Both were covered with ticks and mouth and tongue were white due to lack of blood. Where did those two puppies come from, and how did they get there, in the middle of nowhere? Unfortunately, this is not such an uncommon occurrence. Lamia rushed home with the pup that was still alive. Sadly, it was already too late and within a couple of hours the puppy died.

An Unsolved Mystery

July 2010 — Two dogs, Palavos and Iroas, belonging to a goat/shepherd, were chained at opposite sides of the road to Egiali just outside Chora—Iroas downhill, Palavos uphill. On June 12, 2010, both dogs disappeared. Chains and collars were still there and intact, so they can not have freed themselves. The goatherd is convinced that someone has done this to spite him and the dogs have been killed. He has reported the 'theft' to the police.