Sterilization Program

In February, during the week of Feb 9th, AZI conducted another one of our spay/neutering programs on Amorgos. We were hoping to do about a hundred cats but the weather worked against us, with four of the six days being very stormy, full of strong winds, rain and hail.

Catching cats in the rain is a huge challenge as you can imagine, yet we managed to catch and sterilize 68 cats (36 females and 32 males), with only 25 cats coming from Aegiali. That is a success considering the difficult conditions. We'd like to acknowledge Dr. Alice Degleri and Litsa Passari for their the hard work & dedication to the program. Thank you!  

The ARGOS Fall Benefit 2014

Dear Friends of Animal Zone International, you are cordially invited to our annual ARGOS Fall Benefit event. This year, it is being held on November 12th at Thalassa, an elegant Greek restaurant in Tribeca, New York City.

We will be honoring Jean Shafiroff for her philanthropic work in animal welfare. As usual there will be a silent auction of exceptional artwork, gifts and vacation packages to Greece. Mark your calendars and join us for a night of fun and delicious food! For more information, contact Astic Productions at 212-581-1400 or

Photos from our trip to Amorgos, Summer 2014

AZI's Center held an Open House reception at on August 28th. Wine and pizza were served. Sweets were donated by Yanni's pastry shop. Thank you to all who attended! From the left: Mrs Anastasia Voulgaridi, Litsa Passari, Mrs Lily Clevede, Jackie, Mr Lawrence Bianco, and a friend. Anastasia and Lily are our most active volunteers in Aegiali. Larry and his friend Jackie are supporters from New York who came to Amorgos for a visit in August.

 Open House reception

 Open House reception

Mrs Irene Giannakou and her husband Mr Simos Giannakos are the owners of the building where AZI's center is located in Pera Rachidi. They live in Chora of Amorgos. They also feed some cats in the area.

Mrs Irene Giannakou & Mr Simos Giannakos

Mrs Irene Giannakou & Mr Simos Giannakos

Our former rescue dog Sara with her new owner Angeliki Courti at her jewelry shop in Chora. 

Our former rescue dog Sara with her new owner Angeliki Courti at her jewelry shop in Chora. 

Sara and Angeliki are always together. You can find them at her shop, on the beach, even at a bar getting a drink!

Litsa (AZI coordinator, right) with Ms Kaliovi Giannakopoulou and her mother Mr Irene Giannakopoulou and in their spa in Aegiali. Theirs is the largest and most luxurious hotel in Amorgos. We are so pleased that they are supporters of AZI.
Litsa (AZI coordinator, right) with Ms Kaliovi Giannakopoulou and her mother Mr Irene Giannakopoulou and in their spa in Aegiali. Theirs is the largest and most luxurious hotel in Amorgos. We are so pleased that they are supporters of AZI.
Rainbow on the Blue Ferry, on the way home.
Rainbow on the Blue Ferry, on the way home.

GAWF Returns

The Greek Animal Welfare Fund/Animal Action Greece equine team will return to Amorgos on June 9 & 10, 2014. The team, invited and partly sponsored by AZI, consists of a veterinarian and a farrier who will offer their services for working animals (the donkeys, horses, mules) of the residents for free.

On June 9th, they will be in Kat Meria and Katapola. On June 10th, they will be working in Aegiali and Chora. Last year they treated 48 animals in total. We hope this year will be as great a success!

GAWF poster for June 2014

GAWF poster for June 2014

Filozoiki Merimna Amorgou's Easter Bazaar

Every year Filozoiki Merimna Amorgou organizes an Easter bazaar to raise money for the animals. The bazaar ran from April 15-17, 2014, in the central square of Katapola. For sale were many beautiful candles, decorative Easter baskets, liqueur, tasty biscuits, sweets, jams and juices--all handmade.

Visitors were also able to learn about the actions of the Filozoiki and how much work is being done to help the animals of Amorgos. It's wonderful when people support the efforts of the organization and buy their candles from the Filozoiki!

Vaccination Program

At the end of March, we began a vaccination program with veterinarian Dr. Despoti. First, the cats at the center were vaccinated. Next, we focused on the cats in the various colonies in Xylokeratidi, Katapola, Ag. Georgios Valsamitis and if we still have vaccines left we'll continue with Ag. Barbara and Aegiali. Each cat was also given a medical exam. Our goal is to vaccinate 150 cats--wish us luck!

A Working Weekend, March 2014

With the help of four volunteer vets, Dr. Maria Despoti, and a final year veterinary student, we completed a two-day program of sterilization and vaccinations with great success. 88 cats (46 females and 42 males) and 1 dog were spayed/neutered, vaccinated for rabies, and examined and treated for fleas and ticks. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who were a part of this huge effort!

Fall Sterilization Program

The team of EDKE with the volunteer Mairi Tavernaraki and Litsa Passari

The team of EDKE with the volunteer Mairi Tavernaraki and Litsa Passari

With the help of three veterinarians of EDKE and Dr. Maria Despoti, 109 cats and 2 dogs were sterilized on Amorgos over the weekend of November 9-10, 2013. We have to thank our volunteers who worked for two days without a break for the success of the program. They are:

From Aegiali: Giwrgos Kantarakias, Lily Clevede, Mairi Tavernaraki and Jack Mestre From Chora: Νikoleta Kolyda, Anna Kolyda, Marina Pistevou, Giwrgos Anzoulakos and Spyros from Cafe Giasemi From Ag. Georgios Valsamitis: Εvangelia Mavrou and from Katapola: Angeliki Palioura, Litsa Passari, Lamia Enan, Hariklia Psaki, Eleytheria Psaki, Rania Thiraiou, Giannis Vassalos and Gewrgia Symidala and the policeman Konstantinos Kypriotakis from Chora who brought 2 cats

Mairi Tavernaraki (volunteer from Aegiali), Litsa Passari, Angeliki Palioura (president of Filozoiki) and Rania Thiraiou (volunteer from Katapola)

Cat Waiting Room

Cat Waiting Room

Please Join us for our Second Annual Fall Benefit

When Odysseus returns home after twenty years, his beloved dog Argos recognizes him at once. Ancient Greek literature is full of such examples of the strong bond between humans and animals. Sadly this bond in today’s Greece has deteriorated to the point where animals are treated cruelly. Animal Zone International seeks to restore the respect for animals as part of the foundation of the Greek humanist tradition.

Please join us for an evening at Central Park’s famous Boathouse benefiting wild and domestic animals of the island of Amorgos, Greece

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 6:00 pm

Cocktail Reception & Silent Auction

The Loeb Boathouse ~ Central Park, New York City

For more information, please contact Astic Productions at 212-581-1400 or email

The Blessing of AZI's Facility & Recovery Center in Amorgos

The Philozoike of Amorgos and Animal Zone International celebrated the inauguration of their facilities on August 21, 2013 at 8:00pm. The Center, located in Pera Rahidi of Katapola, Amorgos, was blessed by the Venerable Father Paraskevas Despotidis. Remarks were made by Angeliki Palioura, President of Merinma Philozoike of Amorgos, and Paola Mieli, President of Animal Zone International.

Clean Monday

Yesterday was Clean Monday, a public holiday in Greece, marking the end of carnival and the beginning of the 40-day fast before Easter. To celebrate Clean Monday, people head to the mountains or the beaches to fly a kite, eat, and dance. Members of Filozoiki Merimna and their children spent the day together on the mountain Minwa, eating, drinking, playing and walking their dogs. Everyone and had a wonderful time.

Celebrating the New Year with the Philozoiki

On Friday Feb 22, 2013, members and supporters of the Philozoiki celebrated by cutting the new year cake at the Cafe Elichryson. Cutting a new year cake is a Greek tradition. A coin is baked inside the cake, and whoever gets the piece with the coin is supposed to have good luck in the New Year. It's going to be a good year for the Philozoiki: the coin was found in the their piece!