Meropi arrived in our shelter in 2013 after many years of working in the fields. Her first family had taken great care of her but when they were no longer able to keep her she went to a man who used her to carry heavy materials for building construction. Unfortunately Meropi spent many years working harder than her small frame was able to handle, and, when her knees grew weak, she was sold to a man who used her to carry lighter loads such as food for his sheep and cows and goats.  For several years this was her life, but, after an injury to her leg and the possibility of tetanus setting in, she was brought to us at the Center. 

Meropi is a very beautiful white mule with a strong personality. The monthly care for her food is 80,00 dollars, or 960,00 dollars per year. The monthly care for her food and vaccinations is 100,00 dollars per month, or 1.200,00 dollars per year.

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Below is a short video with Meropi and some of the animals at the shelter.