Bobbie and Arangon

Earlier this year, our 2 handsome, big boys Bobbie and Arangon embarked on a long journey and began the next chapter in their lives. 

They were found abandoned when they were only 2 months old and sadly they spent the next 2 and a half years on Amorgos waiting for their forever home.

Just as we were despairing their future, we received notice from Mirtos Animal Project, the Dutch organization with which we cooperate, regarding interest in these dogs. And we were thrilled when the interest eventually led to adoption. 

We've heard nothing but good news about their new lives, and we wish a wonderful, happy life to the adopters and our lovely boys Arangon and Bobbie!

Additionally we are very grateful for the work of Mirtos Animal Project A big thanks goes to them, as they find amazing homes for our sweet animals.