At about the age of five years, Sfigos was found on the streets of Ormos of Aegiali. He had great difficulties in surviving since an old injury to his front leg had left him unable to walk easily. After many days of physiotherapy and much care Sfigos is able to walk with only a slight limp, but, because we still feel that it might be dangerous for him to be back on the streets, we have kept him with us. Neutered and fully vaccinated, Sfigos is a very smart and healthy cat and he has become the mascot of our center. 

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Do you remember Silvana the paralyzed kitten? Well, we are happy to say that this young kitten is no longer paralyzed.

Silvana arrived in our Center on August 21, 2016. She was unable to stand but after a series of x-rays and an examination and procedure by our veterinarian, within a week she was able to stand and after a month she was able not only to walk but to run and play.

Naglaa Saurer, from Switzerland, met Silvana in our Center and fell in love with her. After a few days of travel from Amorgos to Switzerland, Silvana now has a home and a new playmate, Violeta, a kitten close to her own age. Violeta is slowly learning to accept Silvana, and their mother wrote to us that Silvana is adapting quickly to her new home and her Swiss citizenship.

Here is a short video of Silvana as she arrived in our Center.

And another video of Silvana after two weeks in our Center.


Here is Silvana on her first day in Switzerland.

Photo 1: When Silvana came in our Center.

Photo 2: In our Center one month later.

Photo 3: Ready for the trip to her new home.

Photo 4 and 5: At her new home in Swiss.


Koutcho is now called Charley. He is living the good life with a young couple who adopted him after he arrived in Holland in Dec 2009. They could see beyond his lame front leg and saw the goodness inside. Charley now gets to go traveling all over Holland, when he accompanies his new owner on his business trips. He also loves going out for bike rides in his special bike-cart with his new family. At home he feels safe and loved and has become friends with two fellow cats. A happy ending for a deserving dog!