Two Kittens Arrive from Koufonisi

Last week two 3-week old kittens arrived from the nearby island of Koufonisi. We gave them the names Mick and Esthel--both are girls. They were discovered by one of our most active volunteers, who was spending a few days in Koufonisi. The two kittens were crying nonstop but their mother was no where in sight. After waiting to see if their mother would return (there was no sign of her), the kittens were put on a boat to Amorgos where Litsa, our tireless coordinator, fed them milk by hand.

We suspect that something must have happened to the mother, and so the kittens were left all alone. We are looking for good homes for these two new additions and hope to find some when they are old enough to travel. To help care for these kittens and all the others like them, please consider making a donation to Animal Zone International. Thank you!