Sterilization program completed with great success

Our sterilization program in Amorgos has been completed with great success.

Ninety four cats, sixty three females and thirty one males underwent the procedure in a period of four days. All the cats are in good health and they have been released back into their preferred territories.

Dr. Manolis Vorisis and Dr. Andrianna Papadimitropoulou worked with the help of our volunteer, Hariklia Psaki, for thirteen hours each day in order to carry out this project and, at the same time, some of our local population brought in their dogs for examination and vaccination.

We want to thank the Municipality of Amorgos for their great cooperation and also the Minoa Hotel (, the Aegialis Hotel & Spa ( and the Pension Angeliki ( for their kind hospitality to our veterinarians. We also want to thank Mike Vekri, owner of the restaurant Asteria, for his grant of tables and chairs.

And most especially, we want to thank our veterinarians  Dr. Manolis Vorisis and Dr. Andrianna Papadimitropoulou who traveled from Athens and Syros to volunteer their services, the writer and editor from Dutch TV, Jaap Poot, for filming this entire process, our volunteers who worked non-stop from morning to night, and, as well, we want to thank the residents of our island who helped to make this happen.