Workaway Volunteer

Our first volunteer Giorgos Zafiriou who met us via Workaway website completed his mission in Amorgos. Giorgos is a psychologist and lives in Larissa. He had planned to stay at our Center for one month, but since he loved the work we do, he decided to stay 20 extra days. He would have stayed even longer but his mother had to undergo surgery and he had to be at hand. 
Giorgos is a very nice and generous person.

The deal with Workaway is to work 4 hours per day for 5 days per week, but Giorgos never paid any attention to that continued to work even when I urged him to take a break. He was especially helpful during the sterilization program as our regular assistant had left and I had no one to help with the daily chores at the Center. He continued in this manner even after the sterilization program was completed, enabling me to take care of other urgent matters. He also worked at the Equine Shelter and helped me prune the garden at the Center which had become a veritable forest.