Our beautiful white mule Meropi is no longer with us.

Meropi came to our equine shelter five years ago once her legs were no longer able to support the heavy loads that she had been carrying through her long life, as well as due to the damage of the hobbling that she endured once those loads were delivered.

After Meropi was freed of these burdens her condition improved and she lived through her last years in our shelter surrounded by peace and loving care. But time moved on and the long years of hard work took their toll on her damaged limbs.

The diagnosis for Meropi was not good, her suffering was great, and, because she was no longer able to stand, we at the Center, along with our veterinarian, felt that the act of greatest kindness would be to send our dear thirty-year-old Meropi to sleep.

She was the sweetest of mules and her strong character had made her the head of the herd at our Center. We will all miss her but we are thankful that, with the help of so many of our supporters, we were able to give Meropi these last beautiful years of freedom and joy.