Frou Frou

On the fourth of May, a tiny kitten came to our Center from the region of Aegiali. She was only one month old and she was very frail and wobbly, having been taken away from her mother and abandoned.

The kind Samaritan who rescued her did his best to help but this young kitten was in need of expert care and so he brought her to AZI’s Center.

We named her Frou Frou and with intensive care and proper nutrition she began slowly to improve. After that we began to search for a home for her and Vassiliki responded.

She brought Frou Frou home to be a companion to the sweet dog that Vassiliki had also adopted from our shelter and now these two lucky members of the animal kingdom are in love with one another and keep one another company while Vassiliki is at work. We believe that Frou Frou has found her forever home and we are grateful and thankful to all the kind humans who have intervened in her young life.