Anna Shares Spaghetti - A Change for the Better!

Anna and her family visit Amorgos every summer to take a break from their busy lives in the city of Athens. Anna’s mom also believes spending time in Amorgos is a wonderful chance for the children to experience life closer to nature. But in the past, the cats of Amorgos looked so sickly that Anna’s mother would not let her children near them for fear of disease. Now, after three years of AZI’s work in Amorgos, the cats are noticeably healthier. And with that knowledge, Anna’s mom is happy to let little Anna play, feed, touch and hug the cats near their summer home. Anna is pleased to have the opportunity to play with her furry four-legged friends!

Last year, when she was only 1 1/2 years old, Anna shared her bowl of spaghetti with a couple of cats from AZI’s program. This summer, see how much Anna has grown and the cats are happier and healthier too!