Another Unfortunate Dog in Our Care


Oct 2010—One day in May, near the area we call “The Rubbish Dump,” a young, frightened dog appeared, chained to the wall where a local goatherd keeps some of his dogs. We named this new dog Baloo, after the lovable gray bear in “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling. He was left there without shelter and insufficient food and water, and so he became one of the dogs in our care. Although there have been many reports and complaints filed against the owner by visitors who were appalled by Baloo’s living conditions, so far no action has been taken.

In the summer, Baloo was moved to another wall at a deep pit below the road, where he was meant to bark at the goats or sheep whenever they would come close to the road. Fortunately for Baloo, he is visited by Lamia, co-founder the new local animal society, who gives him food and water and takes him on a walk every other day. He has also been given vaccines and anti-parasitic medicine. Happily, he has visibly improved under her attention and care. Our work is not done until dogs are free from this kind of abusive neglect.