First Sheltered Place for Animals on the Island

The stable

Great news!!! During the past summer the Mayor of Amorgos graciously accepted our invitation to offer a piece of land as the first shelter for some animals of the island. AZI has sponsored the construction of a new stable on the land.  Designed and constructed by Antonio Marvos, the stable is set on the slope of a lush, green field and has the capacity to house several large animals. Paola the horse and Pepperina the donkey are the two first residents. It is thanks to Evangelio, Katerina, Rita, Theodosi, Anna and Dr. Despoti that Paola has recovered so well and Pepperina, at almost 30 years old, has found a new home to spend her last years in old age. Despite the occasionally kicking around, they are always close together both calling each other when they are separated for a while.

Horse and donkey

This is significant step in the life of the island as it is not common to have fencing and shelter for equines. The preferred method of restraining is to hobble the animals by tying their legs together, to keep them confined. Thus, most importantly this construction marks the beginning to the end of the cycle of neglect and abuse.

Everyone is welcome to visit and learn how to care for the animals. Educational programs at the stable will teach children empathy, compassion and how to care for pets and farm animals. Tourists will find a tranquilrepose here which will promote a more welcoming atmosphere to the island.