Four Kittens Rescued

Four kittens were found by a tourist during her holidays in Tholaria of Aegiali. The kittens were found next to their mother who had died--probably by poison. The tourist called us and we met her to receive them. The vet examined them and has estimated that they are about two months old (but they are very small due to lack of nourishment).

At our Center they were given treatment for worms and fleas, are on antibiotics and have been getting a special diet to gain weight. After six days the kittens have put on weight and have started to become playful. The three red ones are boys and we call them Mousou, Tousou and Nousou and the black-red one is a female which we are calling Mary. They are still a little timid around people but are beginning to become accustomed to us. When they finish their treatment they will be available for adoption. Please help us help these kittens and many others like them by making a contribution or, better yet, by welcoming one into your loving home.