Greek Animal Welfare Fund

GAWF is a London-based organization that strives to bring about significant and lasting improvement to the treatment of animals in Greece through a special program offering professional support in effort to help local animals. One of our local volunteers contacted GAWF to come and visit Amorgos and help us to improve the live of the horses, mules and donkeys there. We were pleased when they responded positively with interest in our request.   In cooperation with Elisa Geskou who is a vet working for GAWF as a volunteer, wearranged a visit to Amorgos in the end of May, after their yearly visit to the island of Naxos.


They arrived on the May 29th to work on the south part of the island, close to Kamari to help the animals from the surrounding villages.  The following day they were at the port of Katapola where AZI's horse and donkey live at the new stable.  The GAWF vets treated 17 local equines with farriery (hoof care) and dentistry as well as applied treatments to protect the equines from flies (a big problem in the summer months).  One donkey was in such bad need of hoof trimming that he could hardly walk.  Our vet Dr. Despoti assisted, and of courseall of the treatment, advice and medicine was free of charge.

All of the farmers were very satisfied with the visit and we are very pleased with the level of participation.