Holland is a Happy Home for Two Amorgos Dogs!

July 2010 — As many of you may know from earlier updates, two dogs from Amorgos had been relocated to Holland. Here is an update on the lives of these special dogs:

Charley in his bike cart.

Koutcho is now called Charley. He is living the good life with a young couple who generously adopted him after he arrived in Holland in Dec 2009. They could see beyond his lame front leg  and saw the goodness inside. Charley now gets to go travelling all over Holland, when he accompanies his new owner on his business trips. He also loves going out for bike rides in his special bike-cart with his new family. At home he feels safe and loved and has become friends with two fellow cats. A happy ending for a deserving dog.

Fovitziari was a fearful, traumatized dog when we first met him. We worried that being separated from his pal Koutcho would be difficult for him. It turns out that there was no need for concern. He made a lot of progress while being fostered with Mariette, and when she saw that he was relaxing into his new life in Holland, she found a permanent home for him not far from where she lives. Now, “Fozzy” is cherished member of a family and best friends with a teenage autistic boy. The boy and the dog, both with their handicaps, have bonded and seem meant for each other. It turns out that Fozzy loves being the center of attention!