Mpoum: Our Special Needs Cat

Mpoum arrived at the center in July 2014. He had been hit by a car and badly injured. His nose and one of his eyes were bleeding, his head was swollen, and he was unconscious. After a lot of medicine, vitamins, serums, and TLC, he awoke. Sadly, it appears he suffered from mental injury as well, as he did not remember how to eat. Litsa, AZI center’s coordinator, started by handfeeding him, and little by little he became better, eventually learning to eat by himself. One month after steady improvement, he had a setback and forgot how to eat and use the litter box again, so we had to start again from the beginning. This time he learned faster and since then he has not had another setback.

Unfortunately, due to the initial injury, we believe he has some developmental disabilities. He needs to have the kitty litter box near him in order for him to remember to use it. He also needs to have his food bowl nearby otherwise he would forget to eat. He doesn’t know how to eat dry food, so we only give him wet food with some dry food mixed in. Generally, it is like having a very quiet baby sitting where you left him.

However, if he wants something or needs you, he will meow with an inviting tone and will respond when you speak to him. He is very sweet and loves hugs and affection. His nickname is Angel because he in an angel.

Angel needs a caring and comfortable home, with someone who will be kind and patient while taking good care of him. If you have a home to offer Mpoum, won’t you open your heart and invite him in?