Mules and Donkey

The other animals of Amorgos that are in need of urgent attention are the mules and donkeys. The European community has called for a census of their population, as it clear to all that their numbers are rapidly dwindling. In Amorgos the mules are typically kept with no shelter and with their legs tied to impede their movement “so that they do not trespass”—the official excuse. In reality, in an effort to obtain some freedom of movement, the animal causes hideous self-inflicted wounds which, if not properly treated, can easily become infected and brings the animal to an untimely death. Carelessness and die-hard habits are the rule. When found sick or of no use, they are abandoned with no food or water.

The EU has a plan offering a census and free assistance for the mules who, at this rate, will soon find themselves on the list of endangered species. The Mayor of Amorgos has so far refused to submit an application for the free program, despite the repeated suggestions of some members of his staff. AZI intends to put pressure to the municipal council to submit an application for this program.