Sign a Petition Against Barrel Dogs

Please sign the petition at to address the issue of barrel dogs on the Cycladic Islands. The original is in Italian; an English translation follows. +++

Petitioning the Greek Minister of Tourism and Environment and the Greek Prime Minister, to Elena Kountoura and All Mayors Cycladic Islands:

The civilization of a country is measured by how it treats its animals. Laws prohibiting the physical and psychological suffering of dogs and controls carried out by the authorities, even in private homes, are needed.

Animal abuse is widespread in Greece and includes starvation, neglect, cruelty and poisoning. Offenders must be prosecuted and fined for this activity.

According to reports in newspapers and testimony of tourists, the Cycladic islands (and not only the islands) are hell on earth for unhappy and miserable dogs used as scarecrows by local farmers. According to many tourists who took pictures of this cruel practice, the dogs are chained to barrels, which are their only shelter from the sun and cold. They just have some water.

These animals are chained or fenced to metal grids and plates in the middle of very isolated areas or on roads. As soon as they die, after a cruel life made of lack of socialization and loneliness, they are replaced by new puppies that will suffer the same fate of solitude and social isolation.

Tourists are shocked by witnessing this suffering during their holidays in Greece, and many promise never to return. Given the importance of the problem, the Greek government must take an active role, working together with private associations for the protection of animals from all over Greece.

We thank you in advance for taking action.