Puppy for adoption

Sara arrived earlier this month, when we received a call from the Mayor about a puppy. A frightened puppy appeared at the school in Chora, so the teacher called the Mayor for help, and the Mayor called us to see if the center could take the puppy. We said yes, so the Mayor himself brought the puppy to our center. The puppy, which the schoolchildren named Sara, is a miniature of Lisa. We guess she is 3 or 4 months old, and it turns out she is a very smart and funny dog. When she arrived, her fur was full of fleas and ticks and she was shaking her ears as if something was bothering her, but she was otherwise in good health. Dr. Despoti gave her a check-up and to check if she has microchip or not.

We have looked for her owner, but no one has come forward. Now that it’s been several weeks, it appears she has been either lost or abandoned, so Sara is available for adoption.

She is currently living in the center and she has become best friends with Liza. We hope to find this very sweet dog a loving home soon.