R.I.P. Conan

Rest in Peace, Conan

Conan was brought to the shelter April 2012 by Lamia. At that time he had a large tumor over his right eye and tumors on his legs, yet he had still a huge appetite for life--he ate well and enjoyed playing with the other cats. So we treated his tumors as best as we could, removing the ones that bothered him and his life passed happily at the center. His big personality and courage despite his condition made him a favorite among us. Sadly, it became clear to us recently that he was losing the battle to cancer and it was time to make that difficult decision and offer him a dignified death. Conan died peacefully in Lamia's lap last week. His presence is sorely missed at the center but we are sure he is in a better world now, free of suffering and a big handsome cat again.