Call me Tatum...

The original idea was to name me after the one armed basketball player who joined the Harlem Globetrotters in 1945 and never scored less than 18 points per game… with one arm! His name was actually Boid Buie, but there was a mix up at the office, and I ended up as Tatum, the greatest globetrotter of them all (though he had two arms). Well, behind this story is the fact that I am three legged kitten.

When I was barely able to walk, a motorist ran me over (and didn’t bother to stop, of course). Those who picked me up thought I was going to die, but then Doctor Despoti said let’s give it a shot and she amputated my leg. I survived and I now live in Holland. You never know what can happen to a strong willed cat:

Juliette, a Dutch member of AZI and Philozoike spoke about me to a very nice lady who drives an animal ambulance in Amsterdam (a great place, believe me) and she adopted me. She came to pick me up at the airport, and held me and hugged me. Quite a change, I tell you from the misery of my very first days on earth. Sometimes, of course, I feel a bit nostalgic for my island, hey, but when it comes to food and care, I tell you, there is no comparison. I love it here, and I am going to grow up as dexterous and nimble as both Boid Buie and Tatum put together.