Get to know Angeliki


Number of microchip:  941000016719370

Angeliki came to the Center on May 2015. She is named after the girl from Tholaria who brought her to us. Tholaria is a bad spot for stray cats: we have not yet fully eradicated the local habit of using poison to get rid of them. The issue with Angeliki was, however, different: she had been attacked by a dog and one of her hind paws was seriously damaged. To move about she would drag it and bring more pain on herself. Our attempts to make her walk with a splint were a failure. The wound would not heal and it became necessary to amputate. We now need a compassionate animal lover who has access to a garden, Angeliki, who is fond of other cats and is only a little cautious around dogs (understandably so!) likes to spend some time oudoors. At home she is so quiet that you would hardly know she is there. She does not beg for affection, but on occasion she is very determinate in claiming her portion of caresses.