Klio + Minoas + Thalia

Get to know Klio, Minoas & Thalia

Numbers of microchip:

Klio (the black and white - photos 1 and 4): 941000016719393
Minoas (the red with a little bit white - photos 2 and 5): 941000016719391
Thalia (the red - photos 3 and 6): 941000016719392

Our babies Minoas, Klio and Thalia arrived at the Center from the area of Aegiali on April 24 when they were about 2 weeks old. 

Lampros from Aegiali knew their mother and used to feed her but when he didn't see her for two days and heard her babies cry non stop he realized that something wrong happened to her. As he didn't know how to take care such small kittens he called on us. The rescue mission began promptly for we knew that the kittens had been without any food for at least two days. In 45 minutes of the call the babies where sleeping in a warm bed with their tummies full of milk. 

The kittens  have grown a lot  since that day. They are now 2 months old and ready for adoption. They are 3 fat small balls with incredible energy for play and a voracious appetite.