Plume was born in the same building in which our Center is located and for ten years he had a loving family and a best friend in his very own mother. Unfortunately, due to the crises in Greece, his owner, Francoise, could no longer find work and was forced to move back to her home in Switzerland.

For Plume this was the beginning of a series of tragedies that would change his world forever. His own mother died suddenly and his owner was unable to keep him. Plume was left alone and we, at the center, agreed to take care of him. But the peaceful and quite life that Plume had known did not prepare him for a center filled with so many of the cats that are in our care.

Plume decided that he was happier spending more time outside in the neighborhood but soon he developed an infection. Our veterinarian treated him for respiratory disease and gave him antibiotics but when nothing seemed to help so we decided to send him to Athens for a second opinion. The discovery of a nasal fistula began a series of three surgeries and five difficult treatments over a long period of time, all of which left Plume in need of a calm sanctuary. 

Our dear friend in Holland, Juliette, became interested in Plume’s story and began to search for a home for him, but, because Plume had also been diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), he would not be able to live among cats who were free of the virus. Juliette and her friends found a shelter for cats in Belgium which seemed ideal for him, Buddy Kat:

Nathalie, the wonderful woman from Buddy Kat, fell in love with Plume and agreed to take him into Villa Vagebond,, their section for cats suffering with FIV. First though, he would have to be examined by a veterinarian and treated again for the fistula and so Juliette escorted him from Amorgos to Holland where he stayed with her for two days before being fostered by Nathalie.

There, he received intensive care for the chronic problem he had, creating fluid accumulation in his face. After months of treatment a miracle happened and it simply disappeared!

In the meantime Nathalie felt in love with our special guy and she decided to adopt him. So Plume is now a permanent resident of Villa Vagebond in Belgium, where he lives in peace and comfort and is very happy.