Sterilization program

The sterilization program was completed with great success and we surpassed our goal of neutering thirty to forty stray cats.

Forty two cats, both male and female, were from the areas of Katapola, Aegiali and Saint George Valsamitis. All of them are in good health and they were released back into their areas, although, one was found to have a broken leg and she will remain hospitalized at our Center until the bone has healed.

We want to thank our veterinarian, Doctor Manolis Vorrisis who came from the nearby island of Syros, and, we also want to thank the Municipality of Amorgos who covered the cost of this program and who continue to support us in our project. We thank as well the Pension Angeliki (, and its owner, Eleftheria Psihogiou, who so kindly hosted Dr. Vorrisis. We also want to thank the volunteers from our local animal welfare association, Filozoiki Merimna of Amorgos and all of the island’s residents who came to help us.