Wild bird rescue

On Saturday March 25th, a bird of the species Botaurus Stellaris was found lying on the ground by a tender-hearted firefighter who brought the wounded bird to us at our center.

We sent the bird to the Alkioni Wild Bird Rescue Center in Paros--https://www.facebook.com/Αλκυόνη-Aegean-Wildlife-Hospital-282833361820028/?ref=page_internal—where it is receiving intensive care.

Hopefully there are no broken bones and the bird will recover, but, of course, we know there might be complications and we hope for the best.

We want to thank Alkioni in Paros for their excellent work and cooperation with our project. They have helped hundreds of birds from Amorgos to recover from injuries and illnesses.

More information for Botaurus Stellaris  can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurasian_bittern