Visit of Chora's kindergarten to our center

On the occasion of World Animal Day the kindergarten of Chora visited our Center as well as our Equine shelter. The children were excited and happy not only to interact with the animals but also to learn about all the many reasons that brought these innocent creatures to our center.

The children also learned about the workings of a veterinary clinic—the sterilization, adoption, surgical procedures and everyday health care that bring health and safety to the animals that are in their care. The children met the animals that we have rescued and played with our dog Sissy and got a feeling for the great sense of accomplishment that can come for helping those in the animal kingdom that need our help.

After a tour of the Center the children visited our Equine shelter where our volunteer Lea Voegeli spoke to them about the care of the equines and the importance of having them protected from severe weather conditions while being tied and hobbled. Our sweet donkey Heracles gave rides to the children after they brushed him and all the equines were given carrots and apples.

It was a great and happy day and we want to give a big thank you to the teachers and the children for giving us, as well as those in our care, a beautiful day—we are grateful for this sweet gift of community.