Lisa was found in terrible condition after having been locked for years in an improvised cage in Chora. Lisa was close to death when volunteers and members of the local animal welfare society (Filozoiki Merimna of Amorgos) began to fight for her life. They not only had to fight for her health, they also had to fight the owner who refused to let them remove her from her cage and bring her to our Center.

After nearly five years with us, Lisa has finally found her new home in Holland where she will be given the love that she so greatly deserves. Lisa is a special creature filled with a nurturing spirit that caused her to care for all the orphaned and ill animals that came to us at our center. Lisa would leave her own bed and sit with these wounded animals and she will always live in our memories as the most beautiful and powerful example of the grace that can come from the commitment to save every broken and wounded member of the animal kingdom.

We wish you a long and happy and wonderful new life dear Lisa!!