Save a life

Dear residents and visitors of Amorgos:

If you see a sick or injured cat on Amorgos, please don’t let it suffer. Call us and we will come to its aid. Animal Zone International is committed to helping animals in need on Amorgos.

Recently, we were confronted with a tragic situation. In Langada, one of our volunteers found an extremely ill cat who was suffering very badly. His mouth and surrounding area was completely deteriorated and he was actively bleeding from its mouth. The pictures are too terrible to publish.

By the time the cat was brought to us, it was too late to help him, and the only humane solution was euthanasia. Sadly, we can only assume that he was in this appalling condition for many days, and yet no one took steps to help the poor creature.

In the future, we implore all passersby not to ignore the suffering of an animal and to call us so that we can give treatment earlier, possibly saving it from suffering and death.

Our clinic is located in the area of Katapola, and we are readily available for animals in need. When we can, we will come to you but sometimes we may ask your help to bring the animal to our center if a car is not available.

To contact us, call: +30 22850 71716 
For emergencies, call: +30 697 4990045

Thank you in advance for your help!

cat help 2019.jpg