Equine Shelter Fundraiser

In 2010, Animal Zone International was first moved to rescue equines when members of PMAA, the local animal association, reported the tragic existence of a neglected mare, donkey and mule. These animals were abandoned, castaway as unfit for work, in the middle of nowhere, with no food, no water, and with their legs tied together to restrict their movement. 

To house these rescued equines, AZI financed the construction of a stable on the land offered by the Municipality of Amorgos. Since that time, AZI has sheltered many equines in need.

After nine years of constant use, the stable and shelter in general are in great need of renovation. More urgently, one week ago strong winds blew off part of the roof of the stable, with the result that our animals (1 horse, 1 mule, and 2 donkeys) are now left without proper shelter. 

As it is still winter on the island and the weather is very cold and rainy, it is critical for the roof to be repaired quickly. We are asking for the help of animal lovers everywhere to pitch in to raise emergency funds for this. If we each give a small amount, we will have enough to rebuild the stable. 

Let's work together! These equines deserve a sturdy shelter against the cold winter weather. Our goal is $1,701 (1.500,00 euro). With your generous help we can make it happen!

equine before and after.jpg