With sorrow

The members of Animal Zone International would like to express their deep sorrow at the death of Sofoklis Prekas, and we offer our sincerest condolences to his family.

Sofoklis Prekas was a great man, kind and generous, and always ready to offer his help to those in need. He was a long-time supporter of AZI and, when we were in need of a site for our clinic, he gave us space in his own building without asking for payment.

Later, as we grew and needed even more space for the storage of food for our rescued animals, he gave us another room without charge.

Sofoklis Prekas was good-natured and always willing to reach out to those around him. So many of our lives have been enriched by this loving man, not least among us his friends in the animal kingdom.

You will be missed dear Sofoklis and we join your family in paying our deepest, deepest respects.