Mao, a blind cat who lived for years in Chora of Amorgos, was rescued by the owners of the Jasmine café-bar and by a young girl named Venia.

A few days ago, Venia found Mao lying in the street in agony after having been poisoned. Venia, with her two friends Christos and Despina, rushed to call us and ask for our help.

Mao was brought immediately to our clinic where extraordinary measures were taken and today, sweet Mao is purring again and asks for affection. This sweet and innocent creature was saved because someone cared, because three friends acted with kindness and generosity.

We give our thanks to Venia, Christos and Despina, and we feel blessed to have been a part of this beautiful moment. Venia will be back in her neighborhood, cared for by the owners of the Jasmine Café and by all those who have been touched by her story.