A Major Rescue Operation

The nine puppies that constitute the Fluffy Family (as they have become known to those who visited them at the improvised kennel at the Municipal Camping site in Amorgos) can now add a third F, that of "Fortunate," to their denomination, thanks to the indefatigable work of Lamia, Elephteria and Juliette who rescued them from the most unusual, and hard to believe, circumstances. They were all born and forced to live in a minuscule apartment in Katapola, together with their mothers, and father, and brothers (fifteen dogs altogether) plus their masters, of course, and their child.

Despite the most unhealthy conditions for both humans and animals, it was not easy to convince their lawfully inconsiderate owners to let them go. No rational explanation will ever suffice to explain the mad attachment and the irresponsible carelessness  of the family that caused their own dogs so much pain and discomfort.  As we all see, education is urgently needed and AZI is sustaining an education program throughout the island.

Once the puppies were liberated, however, their stories have taken a radical turn for the better:  Spiro went to Poland; Asproula went to Thessaloniki; Theresa (almost blind), Pepito, Iggy Pop and Parizaki went to Holland thanks to Juliette. Bobby Marley and Leo have been “reserved” buy Dutch families while Jimmy Cliff will be fostered by Juliette herself until a proper accommodation can be secured.