Philozoiki News

Easter Sunday 2012. At the market fair held in the main square of Katapola, members of The Society for the Protection of Animal Life in Amorgos set up a booth to sell handmade candles and biscuits. It was the first money raising event organized by the society, and it was a sensational hit.

None of the candles and biscuits went unsold. In photo number one Lamia, Simona, her daughter Lisa, Hariklia, Aggeliki, and Rania and Vangelitsa are seen making the candleware. In photo number three Gitwa, Lamia, Vangelitsa, Aggeliki and Simona enjoy a moment of well-deserved-after-sale relax . This type of fund-raising activity is a sure sign that the Philozoikiis no longer a fledgeling society of well meaning people, but a fully established reality that “means business.” Please join in the effort!